Minecraft Server Rules

1. No Griefing

Griefing, as far as CraftXp staff is concerned, is defined as doing anything that negatively impacts another players playing experience, usually through acts of in game destruction of property or theft.

We aspire to foster a friendly and co-operative community on our server, despite this we also understand that we can not always control player actions. This is why we do have a land claiming system that players can use to protect valuable items and important parts of their builds. We ask that you do your best to protect your own stuff, as we can not guarantee the return of any lost items or destroyed structures at the hands of a hostile player.

Generally though, if a player is considered inactive (has not been on the server for at least 365 consecutive days) all of their land claims can be bought up by other players and the property is not longer considered as under their ownership in the eyes of the server.

2. Don't Ask For Free Stuff

We try to maintain the value of the player's effort on our server and want to maintain a fair and fun playing environment. Not only does this mean we do not have any Pay-To-Win features to our server, but we also do not give free handouts when asked. If items are being given out, its usually to test a feature, for an event, a prize a player has earned, or simply because staff is feeling generous. If you continually pester staff with requests for free stuff, you will most likely face some type of repercussion per the discretion of server staff.

3. No PVP Abuse

PVP is defined as combat taking place between two players, where at least one player is attempting to attack, trap, harm another player in the game.

PVP of course can be a fun aspect of the game and a fun challenge for players who want to duel it out with their friends and enemies!

Our server uses Opt-In PVP, which means, when not in a protected area, a player may enable or disable their ability to partake in PVP with the /pvp command.

We also have a PVP Arena where players can go to fight without having to worry about losing their items, damaging their items, or losing XP.

Realistically there shouldn't be any PVP abuse issues the way the server is set up... but its more about the spirit of "No PVP Abuse", so essentially be respectful of other players.

4. No Hacking

On our server, we aim for players to earn their way to the top and for everyone to have a fair playing experience. Non-disruptive mods for aesthetics and performance improvement are allowed and encouraged, but hacked clients, especially ones that go against the spirit of our server are not allowed. If you are insure if a mod you are using would count as "hacking", just ask staff :)

5. No Soliciting/Advertising

No self-promotion or advertisements. This includes unsolicited references and links to other social media, servers, communities, and services in chat or direct messages.

6. No Spamming

Do not spam. Avoid excessive messaging in chat or in direct messages.

7. No Lag Machines/Server Abuse

This one is pretty simple. Respect the server and the poor little hardware working tirelessly to keep it alive! Doing anything that severely impacts server performance is not allowed. If there is a project you are working on that you think may have an impact on server performance, contact server staff first to discuss it.

8. Do Not Abuse Glitches/Bugs/Exploits

Our server is not perfect! There very well may be a glitch or exploit that the staff is not yet aware of. All we ask is that you report and glitches and bugs you find to staff and avoid the sweet sweet urge to exploit them. We don't want to have to punish anyone for this, and nobody on the server wants a roll back- so please don't be that person.

9. Keep Chat Clean

We are trying to foster a safe and friendly community. This means we would like players to avoid using harmful/offensive/NSFW language in chat. We may not be super strict with this, but we do have a chat filter installed (mostly as a meme). But excessive or unnecessary use of aggressive/nsfw language is not what we are aiming to have in our community.

10. Spread Fun :)

We want everyone to be having a good time. If you are thinking of doing something that goes against the spirit of our server and our community - don't! All we ask is you respect our staff and other community members.

And remember, all the rules we list are subject to common sense. These rules are also not comprehensive and use of loopholes to violate the spirit of these rules is also subject to enforcement from staff.

11. There are 10 Rules

The most important rule of all.